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I am one person hosting this on my personal server, and I developed it myself for no financial benefit. I am not compensated by Malfador and make no money from this site. Servers, of course, are expensive, as are the business class connections required to run sites like this. If you would like to help offset these costs for me, please use one of the links below.

Can't Afford To Donate:
Yeah, I've been there. I wanted to donate to the old PBW site for all my four years of playing, but have been living month to month. If you can't afford to donate, but would still like to show your appreciation, then check out one of my other websites. I make a little money off of advertising for every visitor I get, though more importantly I put some much time and energy into them I really appreciate having people check out my work and make use of it.
Fantasy Master Online
Fantasy Master Online is a free browser based fantasy role playing game that I created because every other browser based game I had found seemed far to simple and featureless to be fun. In FMO I strived to create not just complexity to rival PC based games, but a system wherein a player could choose an essentially single player mode, or interact with the community in a variety of ways up to going through the entire thing with a friend.

Edge of the Unknown
Edge of the Unkown is a new 4X browser based game I've started working on, based on concepts from Space Empires, Master of Orion, and similar titles. It's not yet finished, but an instruction manually is available at the site that will give you an idea what the final game will be like. At this point the best descriptor I can offer is that it would be similar to Space Empires IV in concept, but larger in scope and played completely via a web browser.

Nightscape Creations
Nightscape Creations is a site where I display the 3D artword that I've rendered over the years. Some of it is becoming a bit dated, but still definitely usable. I designed the site to display my work in a form easily usable as wallpapers, screen savers, animated wallpapers, etc, so that my work would be something more than just something you look at once and never see again.

Use the PBW Homepage
Set your homepage to the address below, and every search you make will earn the PBW site a small amount of money. Search results are provided by Google, and some useful information from the PBW site is provided below the search box.

Help offset server costs. Set the PBW homepage as your homepage: http://SEPBW.NightscapeCreations.com/homepage.cfm.
Every search, results provided by Google, donates a small amount of revenue to the PBW site.

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