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Frequently Asked Questions
Written by The Efran
Q: How do I register my free membership on SE PBW?
A: First, click on the "Login" button on the top menu bar (second button from the right). Skip the first two top boxes (labeled "Login," and "Forgot your password"), and enter your desired user information asked for in the third, "Create An Account," box. The Username is the name by which all SE PBW members will come to know you. When you are sure of the information you have entered, click the "Create Account" button inside and at the bottom of the "Create An Account" box.

Q: Is there any way I can help out this new incarnation of the Space Empires IV (& V) Play By Web site?
A: Yes please. You can make simple dollar donations by clicking on the right-most button on the top menu bar. At the top of the resulting page is the "Donate" box inside which you can choose your preferred denomination ($5, $10, $20, or $50). Clicking on any of these denomination buttons will take you to the 2Checkout.com web site, at which point you can follow their instructions.

You can also donate a few moments of your time by visiting one of my other websites. I make a little money off of advertising for every visitor.

You can also set SE PBW as your home page. With SE PBW as your home page, every search you make will earn the PBW site a small amount of money. Search results are provided by Google, and some useful information from the PBW site is provided below the search box. To set your home page using Internet Explorer, open an IE window. Go to "Tools," "Internet Options." Under the "General" tab, in the "Home page" section, enter http://sepbw.nightscapecreations.com/homepage.cfm in the "Address" box. Then click the "OK" button at the bottom of the "Internet Options." mini window.

You can also support SE PBW by offering your suggestions and comments for site improvements and corrections. To do this, you can either create new thread under the "Support Requests" or "Feature Requests" forums, or by sending me a communiqué through the "Contact" page.

Q: How do I create a forum post, or thread?
A: First, make sure you are logged into the SE PBW web site. (Helpful hint: you can alternatively log in from the Forum page, at the bottom portion of the top box. Enter your User name and password, and then click on "Log In.") Click on the forum category most appropriate to your needs (e.g., "Support Requests," "Feature Requests"). Once inside one of these categories, you will see a list of posts, also known as threads, already started by other players. To start a new post of your own, click on the "New Post" button at the top right corner of the list.

Once you are in the New Post window, click your cursor inside the "Subject" line found inside the larger right-hand box. Give considerable deliberation to the wording of your subject as this is what all forum readers will see as the title of your post.

Then, click your cursor inside the area marked "Body." This is where you want to type your communication to all forum readers. When done, you have several options you can choose from. If you check the "Preview" box, then click on the "Add New Post" button, you will be shown what your post will look like.

If the "Preview" checkbox is not selected and you click on the "Add New Post" button, your post will posted.

If you select the "Subscribe" checkbox before you click on the "Add New Post" button, you will be notified by email every time others reply to your post.

Q: How do I format my forum postings?
A: The forum uses basic html formatting codes. To format your text inside the "Body" of the new post, the affected text needs to be between the beginning and ending codes. For example, if you type "My [B]text[/B] here," the word "text" will be in bold format.

Q: How do I create an empire (an ".emp" file) in Space Empires 5 and what do I do with it?
A: Once you know your game’s setup parameters (SE4 or 5; which mod, if any; Technology Cost; Starting Resources; etc), you can start creating your empire by opening SE5. Click "Play," the top button on the resulting menu. In the second menu, click "New Game," the second button from the left in the top row. Select the mod stated in the game parameters, then click "OK."

In the next menu, in the top right corner is a list of diamond-shaped buttons. Select the second button, "Empires." In the bottom center small window, titled "Settings for all players," select all the parameters as listed in your game’s setup.

Once you’ve selected all the settings, click "Add New Empire," which is the first button in the second, middle, list in the right hand column. This list has triangle-shaped buttons.

Now you are in the Empire Setup window. The first of 7 empire setup parts is already selected for you, in the upper right corner, "Empire Details." To fill in all the Empire Identification information, you can do one of three things: 1) Click the cursor inside the grey text box to the right of the info type and enter whatever you desire. Example, for Empire Name, you could type ‘Alpha;’ 2) Click the corresponding down arrow "Select" bar to the right of the grey text box, and choose from the list of names; or 3) Click on the dice icon to the right of the "Select" bar, which will randomly select a name from the list.

After you have entered all the requested empire info, click on a desired "Empire Logo," or the corresponding dice icon, in the bottom left of the window. And, click on a desired "Ship Style," or dice, in the bottom right.

After you have completed all your empire’s details, click on the next diamond button in the upper right corner list, "Race Details," and make the similar desired info and selections.

Then, go to the "Government" window to select your desired government type. And, go to "Society" to select your desired social type.

For "Racial Traits," you can select as many traits as you have racial points available, if any are allowed in your game’s setup parameters. The amount of racial points remaining is automatically tracked and calculated above and to the right of the list of racial trait choices. Note that some racial traits cost negative points. These are for racial traits that are consequential rather than beneficial. Selecting consequential traits gives you more points to spend on other beneficial traits, if you so chose.

Next, selecting "Technology" is similar to that of Racial Traits where you only have as many Research Points available as specified by your game’s setup parameters. The Research Points available counter is also at the top right of the Research Areas list. As you add (click on the ‘+’ plus sign) tech levels, your Research Points available will decrease by the cost listed just to the left of the ‘-’ minus sign.

The "Histories" ("Biology Description," "Social Description," and "History") of your empire is all up to your creativity. As a helpful hint, you might try to explain any/all of the selections you’ve just made in the other 6 parts of designing your empire.

When you’ve completed all 7 parts, click the "Create" button at the bottom right of the window. This will bring back to the "Game Setup" window. Click on your empire name to select it (highlighting it in green). Then click on "Save Empire to File" which is the last button in the second list in the right side of the window (the list marked with triangles, rather than diamonds). Enter an appropriate file name in the resulting small window, and then click "Save" at the bottom right of this small window.

At this point, you have completed the creation of your ‘.emp’ file. You can "Cancel" out of the game setup windows, and "Quit Game" to shut down the Space Empires game program for now. You will find your ‘empirename.emp’ file located in your computer’s SE5 directory under "SavedEmpires."

If you desire further instructions, you can reference the appropriate sections of the SE5 Instruction Manual.

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