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The old server crashed and a new one needed built. The new server has been experiencing issues, including database corruption and crash. This site had to be reloaded from a July backup. I apologize for the inconvenience.
Last Friday, February 5th, we suffered a severe winter storm that knocked out power and internet for nearly a week. We have just now had power and connectivity restored, and the pbw site should now be back up and functioning normally again. If you come across any problems that have occured since we came back online, please let me know.

There was no data loss.
Welcome to the new PBW site. After the hard drive crash that eventually led to the closure of the old PBW site, I contacted Geoschmo to see if there was any possibility to bringing it back. Unfortunately, so much was lost that it didn't seem like a possibility. So rather than let the PBW community die, I decided to develop a new incarnation and host it on my personal server. This is where you are now.

Please note that I am hosting this on my personal server and developed it myself for no financial benefit. So there will be limitations on the service as noted on the home page. In addition, I would appreciate everyone minimizing resources when possible. If you don't need replays, please download only the gam file. If your game has gigantic files and you have the ability to host them yourself, downloading the zip and give your players your own server to download from. If you plan to run a turn offline, turn off automatic processing until you do so the game doesn't process if it doesn't have to. If I had even a moderate amount of money I would buy another server just for this; but at this point I'm struggling to eat...speaking of which, there's a donate link available *hint* *hint*.

Since I am building this from scratch it will likely be both feature poor and buggy for the first few weeks/months. If you see something you would like added, please contact me. If you receive an error, please email me the entirety of the error message so I can track it down and fix it. If you do not notify me of an error occuring, it will not get fixed. Please don't rely on someone else to report it; they rarely ever do.

Good luck and have fun.

New PBW site developer

Help offset server costs. Set the PBW homepage as your homepage: http://SEPBW.NightscapeCreations.com/homepage.cfm.
Every search, results provided by Google, donates a small amount of revenue to the PBW site.

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