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Welcome to the new Space Empires PBW site. Use the links above and to the left to work your way around. Below, you will see the most current news. You may be asked to log in to access most pages. Registration is free and your email will not be sold to third parties, but it will be displayed to other players.

The old server crashed and a new one needed built. The new server has been experiencing issues, including database corruption and crash. This site had to be reloaded from a July backup. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Important Notes:
This new PBW site is run by a different admin than the old. I have taken it upon myself to develop the site and host it freely on my own personal server. However, as I have limited financial resources and my own sites to host, I need to place some restrictions:

1) I may restrict turn processing for SEv turns to off hours, but will wait to see if it is necessary. All turns will, however, be executed sequentially, so you may need to wait until yours makes it to the front of the queue.

2) Each game will have a file size limit equal to three times its turn length in hours. In other words, a game running once per day will have a limit of 72MB, but running once per week would have a limit of 504MB. If the zip file exceeds that size only the gam file will be available to players (the host may still access the zip).

3) I am building this site from scratch and from memory, so it is unlikely that all of the features available on the old PBW site will be duplicated here. If I forget one feel free to use the contact link and let me know, but I make no guarantees that any feature will be added.

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Every search, results provided by Google, donates a small amount of revenue to the PBW site.

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